Gregory Bennett

May 29, 1997 - Present


Hey, I'm Greg and this is my memoir.

I grew up loving the outdoors and all the seasons we had growing up in Detroit, Michigan. Summers were spent enjoying our cottage on a lake, winters were full of snowboarding, basketball games, and home improvement projects. My father taught me all about repairing your own home the proper way, which only now stands out to me as a 26 year old just how many people don't know how to do basic maintenance on their homes and cars. My parents were very financially responsible so anything that could be done by my father definitely was done by him and myself.

Learning to repair a home eventually grew into repairing vehicles which is now one of my favorite hobbies. In general I enjoy fixing anything, but I love cars so much. Knowing so much about cars has definitely gotten me out of a few jams. Like the time my college friends and I drove my POS Chevy cobalt up the mountain side in Salt Lake City on a road meant for side-by-sides and 4x4 vehicles. We ended up crushing the oil pan on the way down when I misjudged a rock dip. We were a few miles from the bottom of the mountain and I decided just to keep the car shut off, put in neutral and roll it down the mountain road using the e brake to slow down. We made it down and had a friend come pick us up.

I got a dog late spring of 2023 and it's been such a growing moment in my life. This feels like I'm taking care of a child, but in reality this is probably like 10% of the responsibility of what owing a child is. We love going adventurous together. We moved from Utah to Anchorage, Alaska late summer of 2023 and that road trip really brought us together. We got to see a lot of roads that most people never get to see. A lot of beautiful forests, mountains, and rivers. It almost feels like a dream when I think back on that experience. Several eventful things happened during that drive. I got stopped at the Canada border for having too many guns, my truck's transmission decided to overheat in the middle of Banff National Park, and I didnt have air conditioning. We had a fun time driving with the windows down almost the entire time, we saw tons of wildlife including buffalo, black bears, mountain goats and reindeer. 6 days of true open roads.

In the last few years I've started to love learning about all sorts of new space, this is partially due to having several different jobs in very different fields. Anytime I meet someone, I truly am interested in what they do for a living and how they are spending their time on this planet. My understanding of how the world economy, and politics work has grown by leaps and bounds and I love how interesting everyone works together to build and create new things. Every week something new is in the headlines. Airless basketballs by Wilson, or Apple Vision Pro! I truly love the modern society I live in.